American Indian Studies

Division of Adult Education Degree Completion Program

The American Indian Studies degree programs are facilitated through the DAE but are academically administered through the Division of Arts and Sciences.


The degrees in American Indian Studies offer a multidisciplinary curriculum with a goal to expose students to knowledge, theory, and methods of learning that are specific to the study of American Indians, Alaskan Native, First Nations and other indigenous cultures.

Bacone College initiated studies of traditional American Indian thought and culture in 1932. From that beginning, a variety of courses have been integrated into an interdisciplinary major, drawing from the curriculum of the college in nearly all academic areas.

Within the courses of study, students will learn abou the development of historical and contemporary American Indian culteres, the history and effects of European colonization and conquest, American Indian peoples' ability to maintain culture and sovereignty, and ongoing challenges to the American Indian people and communities.

Program Requirements

Associate of Arts in American Indian Studies

Bachelor of Arts in American Indian Studies