AA in American Indian Studies

BC-PNC AIS Program Articulated Degree Plan

The articulated Associate of Arts Degree in American Indian Studies can be completed in its entirety at the Pawnee Nation College degree site.

No more than 32 hours may be completed online or off-site.

Minimum of 65 academic credit hours and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 are required for the Associate of Arts Degree in American Indian Studies.

29 hours of Core Curriculum Requirements:
3 hours The Spiritual Self (REL)
3 hours The Social Self (AIS)
7 hours The Scientific Self (BIO, CHM, GPS and MTH)
10 hours The Cognitive/Critical Thinking (ENG, SPC, CLE)
6 hours Liberal Arts Guided Electives (PSC 2013 and PSYC/HIST/ANTH)

17 hours of Major Concentration:
AIS 1443 Indian Country Today
AIS 1122 American Indian Mythologies
AIS 2443 American Indian Studies
AIS 1523 Indian Art Studies -OR-
AIS 1224 Pawnee Language II -OR-
AIS 1213 Principles of Leadership
AIS1113 Intro Sover & Tribal Govt's
AIS 1313 Prin of Econ in Indian Country

19 hours of General Electives