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Center for Tribal Languages

The formation of the Center for Tribal Languages at Bacone College is another important step for Bacone to meet its historic education mission with Native People. Since it's founding in 1880 Bacone has sought to meet the educational needs of Native People. Developing innovative education programs within the endangered native language revitalization field is the logical next step in our Vision 20/20 plan.

Bacone College's commitment to the ongoing development and expansion of this innovative model places it at the forefront of the Higher Education response to tribal language  endangerment within the state of Oklahoma.

The Concentration in Tribal Languages is one of only a handful of programs in the Nation that provide the opportunity for young people to develop as tribal language speakers and teachers while simultaneously working towards college degree completion

American Indians Studies Tribal Language Concentration

Courses are scheduled to begin in Fall of 2013 for the Tribal Languages Concentration in the American Indian Studies Associates Degree. Program development will continue to expand this concentration to the American Indian Studies Bachelor Degree.

President Duncan has authorized a feasibility study to explore establishing Degree Site Locations and offering a Bachelor Degree in Tribal languages.

Course of Study

This unique Program is a combination of required General Education courses, American Indian Studies courses, and specified Native Language and Teaching courses. Classes will be offered:

This Program features courses in Linguistics, Native Language Teaching Education, and tribally-specific language instruction by tribally certified language instructors. The innovative feature of this Program is the ability to earn college credits for intensive Language Internships at authorized tribal locations.

Graduates of this Program will be prepared to take their place within their tribes as Native Language Instructors, Tribal Linguists, and Native Language Revitalization workers.

Cost of Attendance

Students enrolled in this concentration will be eligible for federal financial aid and a special tuition rate established for Tribal Education Initiatives.

Cultural Support

Students in this program will enjoy cultural support and programs through The Center for American Indians at Bacone College. The Center for American Indians at Bacone College stands as one of the 2 pillars of the institution to help support the mission of Bacone College. The Center for American Indians offers many programs that American Indians can be involved with to learn and grow in their cultural heritage.