Christian Ministry Degree

The Chrisitan Ministry Degree Program offers three distinct concentrations. These are Christian Counselling, Small Group Ministry, and Community Development.

Concentration in Christian Counseling

Do you see yourself using biblical principles to minister hope, healing and encouragement?

Then you may be interested in the Concentration in Christian Counseling.

The Christian Counseling Concentration within the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry at Bacone College is for those who wish to become more competent and confident in Christian counseling skills. Students who successfully complete the Christian Counseling Concentration will be prepared for basic pastoral counseling and will be certified.  This concentration lives out the program goal of experiential learning by combining excellent academic training, actual ministry experience, and theological reflection on that experience.  Students who complete this program will receive both a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry and certification in counseling from the National Christian Counselors Association.

Christian Counseling Certification Program

Students who successfully complete this program will be certified by the National Christian Counselors Association of Sarasota, FL. After completing all of the requirements for Phase I, the candidate will (as­suming everything is in order) receive:

Upon graduation and conferring of the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry, the student may apply to the NCCA to be further licensed as a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor.

Students who complete this program will find opportunities for ministry in church-related counseling.  They may work through an existing church ministry or open a Christian counseling center of their own.  Students may apply to be hospital chaplains or chaplain's assistants in the military.

Small Group Concentration

Relationships are at the very heart of Body of Christ. From its earliest days, we read of the infant church that "Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. (Acts 2:45-47) NIV

The Small Group Concentration within the Bachelor of Christian Ministry degree program is designed to equip students spiritually and technically to be leaders in the spiritual formation of the church.  Churches today are searching for Discipleship Ministers, Directors of Spiritual Formation, and those who can work in areas related to incorporation.  Students will learn to mentor, disciple, instruct, organize ministries, develop Christian community, and nurture spirituality.

This concentration will prepare workers for this work.

Objectives of the Small Group Concentration

The Small Group Concentration will develop students who:

A Personalized Concentration

This concentration allows the student to specialize and personalize their program.  In cooperation with the American Association of Christian Counseling, student may receive a certification in Family Life Ministry, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry and other areas.

Community Development Concentration

The Community Development Concentration within the Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministry is designed to provide the student with the theological, theoretical and practical knowledge and skills required to carry on community development as a ministry of the Church of Jesus Christ.  This concentration is built upon the scriptural foundation of Jeremiah 29:7: "Seek the shalom of the city where I have sent you, for in its shalom, you will find your shalom."  Affiliated with the Communities of Shalom, International, this program prepares the student to create economically and ecologically sustainable communities of peace, justice, hope, healing and wholeness in which all God's people experience shalom.  Specifically, students will learn to build community, weave unity, and transform the world one community at a time.  The successful graduate will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry and a national certification from Communities of Shalom, International.

Philosophy of the Program

The Community Developer Concentration will prepare the student to build communities marked by these five characteristics:

  1. Spiritual Growth
    Students will be prepared to serve as spiritual leaders who are spiritually committed and motivated by faith.  Specifically, the student will learn to "seek the welfare of the community" (Jer. 29:7) and work together for peace and wholeness, growing into God's shalom.
  2. Multicultural Harmony
    The concentration will train the student to serve many cultures and families of faith, including community residents, organizations, institutions and businesses.  Student will learn to help those who could be considered Babylonian oppressors (Jer. 29:1) come together to envision and build a better future for the community.
  3. Economic Prosperity
    This program will enable the student to recognize that collective economic stability is essential for community wholeness.  Students will learn to intentionally promote affordable housing, small business development and shared economic growth
  4. Health, Healing and Wholeness
    This program will prepare the student to work to improve community healthcare, facilitate the healing of persons, and seek wholeness for the community and the environment. Students will learn how the communities can create health clinics, coordinate with social services, and advocate for justice and systemic change.
  5. Environmental Awareness.
    Students will learn to be sensitive to saving and sustaining the environment, no less than working for social-economic well.  Students will be challenged to work for wholeness in oneself, the community and the whole creation. For in seeking the shalom of the city of God, " will find your shalom." (Jer. 29:7)

Objectives of the Program

The Community Developer Concentration seeks to: