Counseling Services

Counseling and Mentoring

The Center for Christian Ministry (CCM) provides several levels of counseling services to our students. Each new freshman student completes an Arno Profile in Freshman Seminar or Freshman Orientation. The Arno Profile is a 54-question inventory that helps the student reflect on his/her own temperament. Students receive a copy of their own personal temperament profile to help them begin the process of self-awareness. Coaches and club coordinators are also given copies of the profiles to use in mentoring their students. When a staff member believes that the student may need more help than they can offer, the student is referred to the Center for counseling. Counseling will be carried out under the leadership of: Dr. Leroy Thompson, Asst. Vice President of Church Relations and Dr. Stephen Wiley, Assistant Vice President, Center for Christian Ministry and Assistant Professor of Religion. This process is overseen by our President, Rev. Dr. Robert J. Duncan, Jr., who is a certified clinical counseling supervisor.

Small Groups

Career decisions! Anger! Addictive behaviors! These are real problems with which students wrestle every day. The CCM provides small group experiences in which any student can talk with mature Christian leaders about what is happening in their lives. Workshops led by members of the CCM staff, counselors and Christian Ministry majors, who are specializing in small groups, will provide students a safe, non-threatening place to talk about what’s really going on in their lives, and what they can do about it.