ABC History and Polity

Thank you for your interest in ABC History and Polity Online through Bacone College.

This course is a joint effort of Central Region, Dakota’s Region, Great Rivers Region, Mid-American Region, and Rocky Mt. Region in partnership with Bacone College, Muskogee, OK

This course seeks to introduce the student to the historical and theological roots of American Baptist life, thought, practice, and polity. You will be introduced to the current life, structures and practices of the American Baptist Churches in the USA. This includes a review of the steps toward ordination and placement within the ABC/USA

The objectives of the course are as follows:

  1. Each student will be able to give a broad general account of the origin and development of Baptists through readings and written reflection on those readings
  2. Each student will acquire a general orientation to the polity of the local Baptist congregation.
  3. Each student will receive a general orientation to the denominational structure, resources and mission agencies of the American Baptist Churches in the USA (at the regional and national levels)
  4. Each student will gain specific knowledge of the requirements for and steps toward ordination in the American Baptist Churches in the USA through consultation with their instructor/mentor

Who should Take the Course?

This course will be helpful to anyone who wants to know more about the American Baptist Churches USA. It is especially designed for those persons who may be working toward ordination in the ABC churches.

The Lessons:

The course consists of 12 Lessons. Each lesson includes a series of video lectures created by various Executive Ministers of the American Baptist Churches, USA, readings to be completed, and study questions to answer. The Lectures for the course are stored on Youtube and embedded in the page. To watch each video simply click on the Lesson.

Completing the Course:

When you have completed all the requirements for the course, your instructor will notify you and you will be sent a Certificate of Completion for Continuing Education. You should then present this certificate to the designated leaders in your Region to continue the ordination process.