Bridge Scholar Program Course Descriptions


ENG-0103 Basic College Writing

This course focuses on assisting students to communicate ideas effectively through the utilization of standard academic written English. Success strategies for excellent grammar and structured paragraph writing are provided. There are daily journal writing prompts as well as in class activities that emphasize peer editing and collaboration. Videos, apps, and interactive instructional components are assigned daily. Homework assignments are completed online.


MTH-0103 Basic College Math

Basic College Math (Bridge) focuses on mathematical concepts that provide a foundation to a variety of college level programs, including but not limited to pure mathematics, business, computer science, and medicine.


REA-0103 Basic College Reading

Basic College Reading (Bridge) is designed to develop and improve student reading and study skills needed for college college level reading assignments. This course helps students improve reading comprehension of written passages and stories through instruction and practice. Student development of successful reading strategies is stressed.


CLE-0103 Bridge Scholar Seminar

Bacone College Bridge Scholar Seminar is a 3 credit activity course that provides students with the opportunity to build friendships while developing as Bacone scholars. The seminar is designed to promote student inclusion, involvement, knowledge, and engagement within the Bacone College campus community. Each lesson in Bridge Scholar Seminar provides important concepts related to college adjustment and academic success. Each bridge scholar student will develop the critical skills and college knowledge needed for academic success in higher education within a friendly, supportive, and active cohort environment.