Kyle S. Taylor '10

April 25, 2011

kyletaylor.jpgKyle S. Taylor graduated from Bacone College in 2010. His parents knew the day he was born that he would defy the odds stacked against him. “Bo,” as his friends call him, grew up in Glenpool, Oklahoma for most of his life. Having attended Victory Christian School, he says his grade school years were less than impressive, though he was thankful for the opportunity to attend a prestigious school that instilled patience in him, a quality he is well-known for. There was no question though that he'd attend college, and he credits Bacone with giving him the chance to grow into the writer he's become today.

“The biggest accomplishment of my life was just getting into college." said Taylor. "Both of my parents work at Bacone, so it's like one giant support system- an extended family." Kyle says his experience at Bacone gave him confidence. "The faculty and staff are truly invested, and because of that Bacone will always be a place where students can come back to."

Taylor finished his college classes in four years and says that was his biggest goal. But, it was in his first year that he was "discovered" by Bacone long-time faculty member, Ann Shackelford, who directs the Journalism program. It was because of her classes that Bo developed his talent as a successful sports correspondent.

"I had no idea Bo was a writer.” said his mother, Marcia Taylor. “I'm glad he was able to be involved with Native students and had the cultural freedom that Bacone affords its students.” she also said, noting Bo's confidence and genuine nature as two of his best qualities.

In Bacone's 1923 yearbook, Bo's Great-Great Grand Father White Eagle, a Pawnee Chief, is recorded as saying to the Bacone students,“You have God's Word. Learn all you can. I hope you live as Christians should.”

Bo's father, Rev. Kyle Taylor said, “When I look at Bo I realize as a Bacone Graduate he is fulfilling the legacy of what his Great-Great-Grand Father White Eagle said! I am proud of my son. Bo and I know his Grand Father White Eagle is too!”

Today, Bo is a sports writer for the Muskogee Phoenix and does independent columns for other venues. After finishing his current internship, Bo plans to work towards a masters degree.