Kassey Weaver '09

April 22, 2011

kasseyweaver.jpgKassey Weaver is a Bacone Alumni from Stigler, OK. While at Bacone she majored in Radiography and graduated in May of 2009. She now an employee of McAlester Urgent Care.

“I always knew I wanted to go into the medical field, I just didn't know what exactly I wanted to do. I considered dental hygiene, physical therapy and even veterinarian before I realized that x-ray was a combination of medicine and one of my favorite hobbies, photography.” After finally figuring that part out, deciding where to go was easy for Kassey. She had several friends that were Bacone Alumni and a few that had even went through the radiography program so it was apparent to her that she would acquire a quality education. It really helped that Bacone was within driving distance from her house in Stigler. Bacone accepted her into the program in 2007 and she started in June of that same year.

“I was truly blessed with great instructors like Mrs. Stephens and Mrs. Dixon. They exert so much effort into what they do, they practically live in C.C. Harmon (Health Sciences Building)! They made sure we learned our material, and made sure we were where we needed to be when we needed to be there and that we didn’t kill each other! They are like 2nd moms to all of the Radiography Students.” After graduating from the Radiography program in 2009, Kassey now works as the x-ray tech at McAlester Urgent Care.??Kassey’s photography roots date back to when she was in high school. She worked for a photographer and would take lots of pictures of her 2 kids. It wasn’t until she attended Bacone, when she started honing her skills. “During the Spring Semester of 2008, just by chance, I walked into speech early on the 1st day and the basic photography was just wrapping up. I didn’t even know Bacone offered photography! Ms. Shackleford said I should join the class and since I had free time I went right after speech and added the class! I really wanted to learn more of the technical aspects of photography. It was one of the best things I have ever done! Ms. Shack taught me more in 1 semester than I ever learned by just reading books or searching the web! I started helping the photographer, whom worked my wedding, with other weddings and then seniors and so on.”??That Christmas her mother in-law gave Kassey one of the best presents she ever received… a Canon 30D! “It was my first SLR camera and I was ecstatic!” She took pictures of everything. “My husband’s friends have a band. They asked me to take some pictures for their website, then one of their friends asked me to take pictures of their daughter and so on and so on. It really took off when I started a myspace account just for my photography business. I have been busy ever since and love it! It has truly grown bigger than I could have ever hoped! I have since upgraded my equipment and even invested in studio lighting. I am very fortunate to have a supportive husband and family. My dream is to go into photography full time.” You can visit Kassey’s website at www.kasseyweaverphotography.zenfolio.com.