David Landrum '48

July 25, 2011

DavidLandrum.jpgDavid Landrum graduated from Bacone High School in 1948. David went on to Northeastern University where he graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education in 1950 and later he received his Master’s Degree in Business Education from University of Oklahoma. He was the first person in his family to complete high school or college. David was quite active.

David’s teaching career began as a high school teacher at Bruno, Arkansas. After one semester in Bruno, he returned to Bacone College. David was the only teacher of business courses at Bacone. Later, as the faculty grew, he served as Chairman of the Business Department. David held this position until 1958. He left Bacone to peruse a position at Cameron State College. David went on to teach at Central State College (now the University of Central Oklahoma) for twenty-nine years. He received many awards for his remarkable teaching abilities. In 1955, he was selected as one of 75 outstanding graduates of Bacone College. David taught a total of 45 years before retiring completely in December 1990.

He has remained active in the Bacone College Alumni Association, even serving as President. He has also touched many lives in his distinguished teaching career and now it is our turn to give back.

David currently resides in Norman Oklahoma Veterans Center and suffers from Alzheimer’s. He has spent many years giving selflessly to students, staff and faculty. Some of his memories have begun to fade. However, David vividly recalls his memories of Bacone. If you would like to share you memories of Bacone or just wish him well he would enjoy hearing from you.

David Landrum
Norman Oklahoma Veterans Center
1776 E. Robinson
Norman, OK. 73701-7442

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