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Taking the ACT Residual at Bacone

Eligibility - ACT’s Rules:

What If:

Signing Up—Test Supervisor’s Rules:

What to Bring to the Test:

 The following types of calculators are prohibited:

Special Accommodations for Examinees with Disabilities

ACT requires Bacone to verify with documentation from an appropriate professional that a student needs special accommodations. Documentation must come from a physician for a physical disability and a learning disability specialist or psychiatrist/psychologist for a learning disability.

If a student plans to request special accommodations for an ACT Residual, he should submit his supporting documentation to the Office of Academic Affairs. The Office of Academic Affairs will notify the ACT Test Supervisor if it has been decided to authorize special accommodations.

Here is what ACT allows:

Note: ACT no longer allows readers on ACT Residuals.

If a student requires other accommodations (Braille, large type, audio DVD version of the ACT, assistance of a reader, or any other accommodation not mentioned above), then he should contact ACT at (319) 337-1332 to arrange for Special Testing. He can also go to their website at and look under “Students with Disabilities” for more information.