International Students

The Office of Admissions will guide all prospective international students though the application process. The first step is to email the Office of Admissions and request our electronic admissions packet. Upon request the Office of Admissions will email you various attachments and directions as Word attachments. Academic Scholarships are not available for international students, however international students are eligible to apply for Institutional Work-Study. Students must apply for scholarships online to have eligibility evaluated.

Many of the international prospective students choose to complete an online admissions application to start their process. Once the application is received by the Office of Admissions, an Admissions Counselor will contact you by email to assist you with the additional requirements necessary for admittance into Bacone College.
Provided admittance is granted, Bacone College will request a refundable deposit prior to issuing the Letter of Admittance, Letter of English Proficiency and Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)

Steps for Admission

Once the aforementioned items have been received, the student's admissions file will be nominated to the admissions committee for review. Upon favorable review, the Office of Admissions will request a deposit of $11,350 (US) prior to mailing the Letter of Admittance, Intent to Accept Admissions form, English Proficiency and I-20. Bacone College can receive funds by:

Please contact the Bacone Business Office to let us know the funds are coming so we can process them.
Once all of the above steps are satisfied, the student will need to:

American Consulate or American Embassy Visit

Please take the following with you to the American Embassy:

  1. Express sincere interest in major field of study listed on the I-20, talking about job possibilities & plans to work in this field when they return home, including information on how this major field of study will be a benefit to their country.
  2. Show and express skill in Athletic or Competitive Activity area they have been invited to participate in.
  3. Be prepared to express a sincere intent to return to their home country. The Embassy will need to be convinced that you are not planning to immigrate, but are truly planning to go to America to be a student.

The Visa Process:

Travel to the USA & Other Details:

Book flights immediately in order to arrive at school on time. Please do arrangements to fly into the Tulsa International Airport. Please do not book flights into Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma city Airport is several hours away from Tulsa and is very inconvenient for the College to pick you up. As soon as you have your flight arrangements, please inform the College so we can make arrangements to pick you up at the airport. Flight details need to include:

  1. Dates of each flight.
  2. The name and the Airline for each flight.
  3. The flight number of each flight.
  4. Arrival time into Tulsa International Airport.