Christian Ministry Recruitment

Value & Opportunity

Ministry at Bacone is all about doing ministry. Whether you come to study for career ministry or simply want to use your gifts while studying for another career, you can be involved in ministry everyday on our campus.

Center for Christian Ministry

The Center for Christian Ministry at Bacone College is one of the founding pillars for the institution. It houses christian ministry programs and represents Bacone College's faith. Students have an active opportunity to be involved in ministry in many different ways, perhaps that means being apart of the Christian Ministry Learning Work Community, or maybe a member of the Praise Team. The Center for Christian Ministry at Bacone College helps give chrisitan ministry students the opportunity to be actively invovled in doing ministry. Learn More...

Scholarship Opportunities

Ministry is one of the founding pillars of Bacone College. Theses scholarships help provide an opportunity to nurture christian leaders and help them achieve their educational goals.

Center for Christian Ministry

Meet Dr. Leroy Thompson


Dr. Leroy W. Thompson is the Vice President of Christian Ministry at Bacone College in Muskogee, OK. In that capacity he serves as the coordinator for the college's counseling/mentoring program. Dr. Thompson is also Asst. Professor of Religion, teaching in the Christian Ministry degree program. In addition, Dr. Thompson has served as an adjunct faculty member for Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, KS and as the site liaison for the Oklahoma Cohort of the D Min program at Drew University Theological School, Madison, NJ.

Dr. Thompson holds the Bachelor of Arts degree from Lincoln College, Lincoln, IL, the Master of Religious Education degree from Lincoln Christian Seminary, and the Doctor of Ministry degree from The Theological School of Drew University, Madison, NJ.

In addition to academic preparation, Dr. Thompson's ordination is recognized by the American Baptist Churches, USA as well as the fellowship of Independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. Having served in the local pulpit for over 30 years, he brings a rich background of practical ministry experience to the discussion.