American Indian Recruitment

New Scholarship Opportunity 2014

Contact AIR Staff for more details on an exciting, and new American Indian scholarship opportunity for Fall 2014. You may be eligible for $10,000 towards cost of your attendance at Bacone College.

Value & Opportunity

Bacone College has a goal of 51% American Indian student body by 2020. To energize this strategic goal Bacone has initiated several new American Indian Scholarship opportunities. Our new goal along with our historical mission of providing education to American Indians makes Bacone a perfect place for American Indian students.

Bacone College provides unique opportunities for American Indian students by offering an environment that is conducive for American Indian students to learn, experience their culture, and grow in their identity and heritage as an American Indian.

Center for American Indians

Bacone College has at its heart this primary and historic mission of higher education with American Indians. The Center for American Indians at Bacone College stands as one of the 2 pillars of the institution to help support the mission of Bacone College. The Center for American Indians offers many programs that American Indians can be involved with to learn and grow in their cultural heritage.  Learn More...

Meet the Director


Kyle Taylor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in American Indian Recruitment and admissions to Bacone College. Prior to Kyle's current position he served as Director of Learning Work for The Center for American Indians. He has also served in American Indian Recruitment at the University of Oklahoma in High School and College Relations, and the Educational Opportunity Program at San Francisco State University.  Kyle directs all functions related to recruitment of prospective American Indian students. In particular, he promotes Bacone  American Indian Scholarships, in academics and athletics, with the goals of attracting, recruiting and retaining a 51% American Indian student body. Kyle attended University of Oklahoma before serving the American Indian community in Christianity ministry is an Alumni of Bacone and has a Master's Degree in Leadership.

Kyle is a strong advocate for American Indian student engagement and leadership in and out of the classroom and  is particularly interested in the retention of new American Indian students, and teaches CLE 1103, a Freshman Seminar course for entering American Indian students. To speak with Kyle call 918-360-1085.

Meet the Staff

Elsie Whitehorn

Elsie Whitehorn

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Kaila Bemo

Kaila Bemo

American Indian Recruiter/Admissions Counselor
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