Computer use requires a current student id card.  No other form of identification will grant access to the computers! No ID = no computer access.

   You will also need to stop by the Circulation Desk and ask for your personal access code for the computer.  Once you are issued an access code, you will be able to use the library computers and the computers in the DAS lab. 

   If you are a member of TRIO, please be sure to advise the person issuing the code to make sure you have the right access code.  TRIO members will be able to use the library computers and the TRIO computer lab located near the DAS lab. 

   Once assigned an access code, it may not be shared with anyone -if you allow someone to use your access code, you will lose your computer privilege.  So, sharing is not the right thing when it comes to your access code. 

   All incoming Freshmen and transfer students must have their own personal computing device, i.e., lap top, desktop, or tablet, by your second semester.  


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