Merritt D. Betts Library

The mission of the Merritt D. Betts Library System is to support scholarship and education by providing outstanding and innovative information services and resources to the students, faculty, and the research community.

The Merritt D. Betts Library is the latest edition to Bacone College's growth. We have 10,000 square feet for student use starting with 8 study carrels housing desktop computers and 17 carrels to use with or without a personal laptop. The campus is approximately 95% wireless, so students can study or perform on-line research anywhere. Group study tables are available with seating for 8! We provide printing and/or photocopying for a nominal fee. The Betts Library offers students a vibrant open floor plan where groups can meet at the group tables or in the Phone Zone on comfortable leather couches with room for your laptop or coffee. The atmosphere is charged with learning and interaction. Traveling art exhibitions are displayed in the exhibition space and on various walls around the library. The Ataloa Lodge Museum displays various Native American artifacts upon entering the library.

The Library provides access to materials in print and increasingly in electronic formats, including Westlaw, Cinahl and other Internet-based resources. Our collection serves all of our of degree programs! Databases are accessible 24/7 – with appropriate credentials. Not sure where to start on that research paper – stop by and ask – individual and class instructional sessions are available to discover just how easy it is to navigate the databases.

Semester Hours of Operation:

Online Databases

The library provides access for all Bacone Students and Faculty to online, full-text databases. Access codes may be needed for access. For complete connection information, please come by the Merritt D. Betts Library or contact the library at 918-709-1062 or email

Bacone College Collection - Online catalog of book titles in the Bacone College Library.

CQ Researcher - is noted for its in-depth, unbiased coverage of health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology and the economy. Reports are published in print and online 44 times a year by CQ Press, an imprint of SAGE Publications.

Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context - Explore all sides of today's topics with credible, unbiased sources on both sides!

Sage Journal Collection (Change from Subject Collection) - are discipline-specific packages of the most popular peer-reviewed journals that are comprehensive discipline-specific packages in Theology, Education, and Criminology.

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Borrowing Policies

Students, faculty, and staff are able to check out books and media for personal use. The circulation type has been predetermined and specific borrowing periods are assigned to the various circulation types. Upon check-out, patrons will be informed as to when the item is due and the fines assessed if returned late. Late fees accrue at 10 cents per day and once an item is overdue for 15 days, the patron's account is suspended until the item is returned.

Reserve Books (Text Books)

Specific items are prohibited from leaving the library. Any student that wishes to use a reserve item must leave their student ID at the circulation desk. There are no exceptions to this policy – no ID = no borrowing rights for reserve items. Only a Bacone student ID is permitted to check out reserve items. Reserve items are restricted to a borrowing period of one to two hours – depending upon the demand for the item.


Betts Library accepts donations in monetary and book forms. We reserve the right to accept and refuse donations if they do not meet the needs of the Mission of the College. All donations must go through the Development Office. Any donations sent directly to the Library will be redirected to Development for approval of acceptance. Materials offered as donations will be turned down or current materials will be deaccessioned if they do not fall within the guidelines of the collections policy. Potential donors of such materials will be directed to more appropriate depositories. Materials to be deaccessioned are considered property of the College and can be disposed of in ways deemed appropriate by the Executive Director of the Library system.

The Merritt D. Betts Library System is here to serve the needs of the faculty, students and staff. The policies and procedures outlined above are subject to change at the desecration of the Executive Director of the Library or as deemed necessary by the President or Executive Vice-President of the College. Please direct all inquires to