TRiO (Student Support Services)

TRiO—or Student Support Services—IS A FEDERALLY FUNDED PROGRAMS WHICH operates within the Bacone College Division of Academic Support and provides services for students who are selected because of first-generation college attendance, low family income, or documented disability.

How Do I Apply?

Pick up an application in Palmer Center 204.  Please print & complete the application and return it to PC 204.   Complete the LASSI test in PC 204.  Participate in the selection interview.


What Services Are Offered?


Who Offers the Services?

Dr. Roderica Williams, Director of Student Support Services

As the Director of Student Support Services, I oversee the operation of the TRiO program. This federally funded program exists to provide both academic and social support networks for students who meet certain qualifications. Our mission is to help TRiO students persist in their programs of study and graduate from the college.

I have worked in education for many years. I began my career at a graduate institution where I worked with non-traditional students. I made the transition to public education and dedicated 12 years of service in the field. My work with students across various ages and levels gave me a thorough understanding of the developmental process from kindergarten through postsecondary. After earning a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration, I returned to postsecondary education to continue the important work of student support.

As a lifelong learner, I applaud the decision to pursue a higher education degree. Our job is to help students realize that goal in any way we can, and we are always ready to lend our expertise and support.

John Paul Day, Math Specialist

My role as the TRIO Math Specialist gives me the privilege of working with students in order to help them put Math into the context of their own experience.  Knowledge of math and the problem solving processes that must be learned and used are important for competing in an increasingly digital world. Please feel free to come by my office in the Division of Academic Support, upstairs in the Palmer Center, and I will coach you to develop or enhance your mathematical knowledge.

Linda Jordon, English Specialist

I am the English Specialist in Student Support Services, and, as you can probable guess from my title, I tutor writing.  I can also help you solve logic puzzles and chemical equations, and, in a pinch, grill you for your biology exam.  I have taught everything from International Composition to Languages of the World to Composition I and II to World Lit.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.  I spent four years studying Linguistic Anthropology as a Master’s student at the University of Oklahoma, and I received an Interdisciplinary Master’s in Native American Linguistics, Native American History, and Native American Literature.   I have done Ph.D. coursework in Applied Linguistics and ESL/TESL at Oklahoma State University, and might even go back someday to finish the degree.

Where Are the Services Offered?

Palmer Center 204
8.00 am—5.00 pm, Monday—Friday
Contact:  918.781.7259;


To provide academic and non-academic support services that motivate students to succeed academically and personally, to stay enrolled, and to graduate with their college degree.