Academic Support Services

What is Bacone College’s Division of Academic Support?

Academic Support is a program designed to help every Bacone College student succeed in his/her courses.

What Services are Offered?

How Do I Tap Into Services?

Coming to Palmer Center 204, let us know what services will be useful to you, and let us see if we can help.  We are here to work with you and to help YOU succeed.

Who Offers the Services?

Becky Scott, Tutor Coordinator

You can find me in the Palmer Center, room 204-C, in the afternoons and in the campus library in the evenings.  I am available to personally assist you with homework or set up tutoring sessions if needed.  I also monitor every student’s attendance as a part of Bacone’s classroom policy.  I will certainly talk with you if you are not going to class, but I like it much more when you go to class and I can help you master the work.  I also teach workshops, assist with library research, help find resource texts, and assist with computer usage.  I am even available to discuss academic and personal goals.

I attained my Associate’s Degree in Radio Broadcasting from Rogers State College and my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from Northeastern State University.  After working for the Cherokee Nation with Employment and Training and Higher Education, I returned to Northeastern State, where I worked in Financial Aid.  During this time, I attained my Master’s Degree in College Teaching with an emphasis in Student Services.  In February, 2006, I began working at Bacone College in Admissions and Recruiting for the Health Science’s Department.  I transferred to the Academic Support Division in the Fall of 2008, which has let me work more closely with our students.

Tom Maxwell, Assistant Professor and Counselor in the Advising Center

I have family ties with Bacone College, dating back to the 1890’s but my personal life at Bacone began in 1993.   I have served the college in many capacities, including Associate Professor of Horticulture and Natural Resources Management, Division Chair of Math & Sciences, Director of Nature Concerns, and assisting with the Advising Center.  I have received the James Kilpatrick award for creativity in teaching, have served two terms as President of the Bacone Faculty Senate, and am a founding member of the Bacone Native American Coalition.  At Bacone, my goal is to assist students in need of academic tutoring and to emphasize the need to attend class on a regular basis so students may achieve their goal of academic excellence and earn their college degree.

I received my BS in Ornamental Horticulture at Kansas State University, my MS in Landscape Design at Oklahoma State University, and continuing education credits in Natural Resources Management at Colorado State University.  I have attended, and been the facilitator of, several ecology-oriented, week-long workshops in the Kansas Summer Science Program.  In private industry, I have been a consultant to a utility company where I created their land management policy, wrote environmental assessment statements for their transmission lines, and supervised some of their ecologically challenging projects.   I have also operated a family-owned greenhouse/garden center/retail florist operation.

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In addition to the professional staff, Academic Support Services also hires many student or peer tutors.  If you are excelling in your classes and would like to help your colleagues, please ask your professors to recommend you as a tutor and visit the Director in Palmer Center 204. Please get the help you need sooner, rather than later.

Where Are Services Offered?
The best place to start is Palmer Center 204.  We also offer assistance in PC 203 and in the College Library.
Office—-8.00 am – 5.00 pm, Monday through Friday
Library—8.00 am – 9.00 pm, Monday through Thursday
8.00 am – 5.00 pm, Friday

To help each student graduate by providing services which clarify and support learning.

Note:  Since our approach to providing services is highly individualized, it is helpful if students plan ahead and schedule an appointment—but walk-ins are always welcome.